Ann Coulter: Obama’s Executive Amnesty Would Give Every Illegal Immigrant $25,000

by Veronica Coffin on February 20, 2015


Ann Coulter appeared with Sean Hannity last night and took a few moments to slam the politicians who are supporting the President’s attempt at executive amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“Americans keep telling pollsters they don’t want amnesty,” Coulter said. “They voted out Eric Cantor, as I wrote in my column this week.”

She went on to say that, when Republicans were running for office last year, they campaigned by saying that they would block the President’s executive amnesty. She also took issue with Fox News, the network on which she was appearing, for not mentioning that Senate Democrats have been filibustering the legislative attempt to stop amnesty.

Coulter criticized the narrative, promoted by some Republicans, that if the current bill blocking funding for amnesty passes the Senate, then the President will veto it and there will be another government shutdown.

“It won’t shut down the government,” she said. “The government is fully funded. A few secretaries won’t go to work at the Department of Homeland Security. Ninety percent of the employees there are essential personnel. They can’t be let go.”

Coulter also said that Republicans aren’t doing a very good job at explaining the ramifications of amnesty.

“I don’t think most Americans understand that what Obama’s amnesty does is give them Social Security cards, give them work permits, and give every illegal alien $25,000 from the U.S. Treasury,” she said.

Have a look at the video below.



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