Bused Aliens Videoed, Interviewed, Lining-up at Social Security Office, Memphis TN

by Veronica Coffin on September 11, 2014



Morrison-Mike-MemphisBy: Arlen Williams

(Memphis, TN) Monday, September 8, Mike Morrison of Memphis, Tennessee, did a video interview of Mexican nationals bused into the city’s Social Security Administration office, potentially to receive Social Security cards, Mexican passports in hand along with letters from our federal government (photos shown below).

As Morrison also attests, leaving the scene in his vehicle, he was pulled over by a police officer, not for any traffic violation, but to be issued a vague and ominous threat for what he had just done.

His entire video is posted below with the comments he attached to them in Facebook and YouTube.

I briefly communicated with Mr. Morrison between 1 and 2am CT this morning. His own reports are quite thorough in expressing his observations and perspectives. (While he states in the videos that these aliens seem to have gotten their passports at the Memphis Social Security office, he later came to understand they were issued earlier, presumably received within Mexico, by the date on the passport shown.)

That massive numbers of illegal aliens are being bussed to numerous locations throughout the USA is borne out by many reports. Presumably, the red carpet ushered illegals applied in this new Obama opus are being screened and briefed. I asked Morrison if he happened to ask any of the aliens what they had been informed they would be doing in America, by either American or Mexican officials. He related that he did not attain such information from them, purportedly hampered by the language barrier. We do not know whether this busload of aliens is here legally or not.

Participation and orchestration of illegal alien running is, by plainly visible evidence and by definition, criminal conspiracy, even if perpetrated by the United States government.

It is related elsewhere that approximately 99.5% of illegals are given legal status by the Obama administration. Americans should not rest until definite answers are provided and proven about the exact sets of missions and functions to be carried out by this new surge, and justice is carried out within the ranks of the U.S. government where appropriate. Considering the hypocrisy of the Obama administration and questionable practices of the recent administrations of both parties, citizen scrutiny has become necessary.

In Morrison’s Facebook timeline:

September 8 at 11:30pm

Several weeks ago I was made aware of a bus of illegal invaders at the Social Security Office here in Memphis. I went to check it out for myself and couldn’t believe what I saw. A bus load of Illegal Invaders with Mexico Passports, and Visas, being issued Social Security Numbers. At the time I was unsure if they were there for money or something else. What I’ve learned is that they were issued the passports at the border as they crossed and then at our “The Tax Payers Expense” driven all day and night to the Social Security Office in Memphis to be issued SSN’s.

We know that every swing county in every swing state in America had far more people vote in the last presidential election than they had registered voters due to dead people voting, people getting in line and voting over and over again and others voting multiple times in different locations. This is the result of allowing people to vote without an ID. I believe with all my heart that illegal Invaders are being assisted at our borders with the issuance of Passports & Visas, then bused to Social Security Offices all over the country to obtain a SSN at tax payer expense and then likely bused to strategic locations or states within our country where Democrats are in trouble and that this will be an attempt by a very corrupt President and Democratic Party to create a new, increased, overwhelming illegal voter base in an effort to steal retention of the Senate in the upcoming Senatorial Race in November.

There are 3 videos I will be posting and I will attempt to post them as quickly and closely together as I can. Watch as a bus driver claims to know no English but was able to read our signs as he drove these invaders around our country. This is the first of 3 videos, the last of which I try to explain what had just happened. At first I thought our government may have been giving them Food Stamp Cards and or money and I don’t know that they weren’t but keep in mine that what I do know now is they were definitely receiving everything they needed to be here without any pressure from law enforcement but everything they would need to work and vote. Regardless it all looks, sounds and smells rotten to me and I just wonder if it will to you too.

First of three videos with Morrison’s comments below it:


America’s Sovereignty Breakdown 1

The following three videos exploded on Facebook today. A few weeks ago I witnessed a bus load of illegal invaders at the Social Security Office in Memphis, Tenn. standing in a line around the building. I approached and investigated what was going on and what I found will blow you away. I believe I have uncovered Obama’s true reason for destroying our borders. I was uncertain at the time, as to why they were there and because of the language barrier struggled to communicate with them, so uncovering the truth came a little later.

I assumed as you will see, that they were there to get money. This is what I’ve learned and concluded. Take note that the bus driver who claimed not to know English had no trouble [busing] these invaders “AT TAX PAYER EXPENSE” from the border to Memphis and that none of these people were children. I learned that they had been issued passports and visa papers at the border as they crossed. Keep in mind it takes 6 weeks for us legal citizens to obtain or renew a passport and we have to pay for them.

They were immediately bussed to the Social Security Office at 3602 Austin Peay Hwy in Memphis, Tenn. where our government was issuing each of them Social Security Numbers. Numbers meant for legal citizens.

From here the three videos will speak for themselves. Before your viewing I will conclude with this; Obama is savvy at illegally stealing elections. The swing counties which lie in our swing states had more people vote in each of them than they had registered voters in the last Presidential election. This was due to a record number of votes being cast by dead people, people getting in line and voting over and over again all day as well as people voting multiple times in multiple locations.

I believe with every ounce of my being that Obama is illegally & unconstitutionally aiding in the destruction of our sovereignty by assisting illegal invaders to not only cross our borders but making sure they have passports, visas and social security numbers within 24 hours.

By bussing them to strategic parts of the country where Democrats are in trouble in the upcoming election, he will have again created an entire new voting base in an effort to steal retention of the Senate in November. This election this fall is a life or death election for America. My hope and prayer is that this will fire up and unite conservatives, liberals and independents, and legal people of every ethnicity, age, and gender, who might see that this administration is robbing EVERY legal citizen of money and freedom that is rightfully theirs.

This isn’t about black against whites, men against women, conservatives against liberals, heterosexuals against homosexuals or Christians against atheist any longer as our corrupt government would hope for us to believe, for division is their greatest weapon. FROM NOW ON WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT’S TIME TO REALIZE THIS IS ABOUT LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS AGAINST ILLEGAL INVADERS WHO ARE ROBBING ALL OF US.

Second video:


America’s Sovereignty Meltdown 2

Third video:



America’s Sovereignty Meltdown 3

Stills taken from the video:140908-MM-A

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