Immigration… From an Immigrants Perspective

by Veronica Coffin on July 16, 2014

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By Marion Algier – Ask Marion

America has been on the edge for a long time and she is now teetering as far forward over the edge as a country possibly can before it falls over the cliff and is no longer recognizable.  We either wake-up immediately and get-involved or there will be no America, at least not as you and I knew her, for your children and grandchildren… nor anything to take care of you from the benefits you already paid for!

The question is… which America do you want to live in:


The one above or the one below… (photos taken approximately the dame day) and it has nothing to do with race, color or religion, at least not to the average Americans I know.  It has to do with the law, sovereignty and becoming part of a melting pot and all that goes with it.

Horror at the Border

But that isn’t necessarily the situation with those in our administration. The following photo hangs on Eric Holder’s office wall displaying Lady Justice peeking under her blindfold to check everyone’s skin color.

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I am an immigrant.  A legal immigrant and have lived in the U.S. for going on 60-years.  My parents waited in line… for their turn to come to the U.S. from Austria after WWII for 7-years.  My mom was German and my dad was Austrian.  They met in an American prisoner of war camp.  They were both part of a medical unit that surrendered at the end of the war; my mother was a nurse in the Red Cross. Both their families were heavily involved in the underground during the NAZI years.

My parents paid their own way and mine; I was born during the 7-years they waited to come.  They secured sponsors who were responsible for them, pretty much in every way for the first 5-years they were in the United States.  In fact that was the system, if you wanted to come to America, you not only had to wait in line and the lines were never longer than after the World Wars, especially after WWII, but everyone needed a sponsor… and those sponsors, not the government and not the taxpayers needed to assist and watch over those they sponsored… give them a place to stay; help them with funds if needed; get them medical assistance and help them find work, etc.  All immigrants, until they were naturalized, had to register with the federal government every January so they always knew exactly where we were.  And everyone knew the rules and that if you got into problems you would lose your green card and be sent back to your home country.

Coming to America is a privilege and many people who could not find qualified sponsors, came from countries with long line that were always of over quota, were not refugees in the true sense of the word, or did not have a special skill or talent that America needed, so the government essentially sponsored them… didn’t get to come.  That is also life.  Mexico, who is helping to facilitate the present invasion of America at our southern border, has very strict immigration laws.  And have you ever considered moving to New Zealand… again very strict provisions of who they take and allow to stay.

My parents enrolled in English classes at the local high school within a month of them arriving, within that time my dad had found a full-time job.  Within the first 3-months that they were here, we moved from our sponsors converted  garage to our own place, my had added a part-time job and were all well on the road to speaking English.  Almost everyone in our circle for friends was a relatively new immigrant, but not just from Austria or Germany, from all over the world, and at our gatherings everyone spoke English.  Everyone usually brought two dishes… one from their home country and one new American dish that they were proud that they had learned to make. By the time I was 3 I could translate for my folks and helped the little American boy across the way improve his speech and English, said his mother.

My sister and brother were born in America, American citizens, and all of us were encouraged to retain our German language and our heritage, but the focus was on speaking English, learning American traditions, knowing American history and becoming Americans… not Austrian or German… hyphenated Americans, as immigrants and others are known today.

And I explain this to illustrate what becoming part of a melting pot and all that goes with it means.  If you really want to become part of a new country and culture… you want it to be better for your children and generally better than the place you are leaving, which means that the new country… America needs to survive.  Between the onslaught of illegals in unmanageable numbers, the ideological infiltration of anti-American Progressives as well as the infiltration of groups who are hostile to our way of life including the Bill of Rights and America’s Judeo-Christian background, America… at least not the one people looked to and wanted to live in, will not survive.

I speak, read and write perfect English and German (as well as any of us do anyway); both without an accent. I also speak rudimentary French and some Spanish.  I can BBQ a steak, make a killer hamburger or bake red velvet cake as well as Austrian Apple Strudel or German Rouladen… but also homemade tamales, thanks to an old co-worker.  But I bleed red, white and blue… a German relative told once while there on vacation, get chocked up when I talk about what America means to me and I get tears in my eyes when I recite the pledge of allegiance (including under God) or sing the star-spangled banner loudly (even if badly) while at an event or watching the fireworks.

This past weekend my 3rd generation Glendale, CA born husband, staying in an L.A. area hotel, and not in an overly Hispanic area, went downstairs to watch the final World Cup game… Germany vs. Argentina.  And being married to me, he wore his Germany hat, picked up on a previous trip, and was routing for Germany.  There were 3 TV’s in 3 separate rooms set-up for the game.  When he got down there, all 3- TV’s were set to channel 34… an all Spanish station.  When he asked if one of the TV’s could be set to ABC, the manager flat said, “No”… commenting that the coverage was so much more exciting in Spanish… too bad for people in the room that only spoke English or another non-Spanish language.  They all had to go to a nearby sports bar, missed the beginning of the game and had to pay more than at the hotel for their drinks. Probably lucky for me that I wasn’t there… because I wouldn’t have gone quietly!! Under the circumstances, I can’t tell you that I was extra glad that Germany won… and in the bigger picture this just illustrates how far down the road America has travelled… We have already given up our identity, our sovereignty, our language in many areas and somewhere along the way we decided to let the tail wag the dog.  We have given up on the melting pot concept that made America great.  We have instead let the Progressives make us feel bad about American pride and embrace everything that divides us instead of uniting us.  And if you are in the leadership position trying to fundamentally change a country… ‘divide and conquer’ is one of the greatest tools you have in your toolbox.

I always, of course, root for the USA.  But if knocked out or not competing in an event at the Olympics or World Cup… I root for Austria and Germany… in that order  Why not?  It is okay to be proud of your heritage.  What is not okay is to move to another country and expect them to change for you…

America has been under attack by enemies from without and within, who have steadily whittled away at the American dream, the U.S. Constitution and at the very fiber of America, for decades.

We continue to find ourselves running backwards because we do not take the time to understand our enemies.  We are constantly in damage control as our Progressive administration manufactures one crisis after another, like the one happening at the border right now. It is why we have lost in the Middle East and instead of defeating the terrorists we have emboldened them to move forward with their worldwide Islamic Caliphate… which has always been their goal; we never understood our enemy… For Ramadan, Obama adviser, Mohamed Elibiary, reasserted U.S. is ‘Islamic country’.

It is time to decide if are are still a sovereign country of if we have already rolled over and become victims of the ruling elites’ plan for a New World Economic Order (NWO) that they will control. And if the decision is that we are still a country, it is time for people all over the the United States to get involved like the patriots in Murrieta, CA, like the militias who have headed to Texas and like Governor Sarah Palin who called for President Obama’s Impeachment. As Donald Trump recently said, “We have to decide… We either are a country or we aren’t!” And if we don’t have a border, we aren’t!! In a shocking poll: 73% of Americans now support the impeachment of President Obama NOW and 14% more at some point. So what are we waiting for?

A Country With Not Border Is Not a Country

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