IRS: Illegals Entitled To Tax Refunds, Even If They Haven’t Filed

by Veronica Coffin on February 14, 2015





Isn’t this such good news today? All of those poor, downtrodden illegal aliens who our loving and caring President is trying so hard to help are now going to be entitled to another benefit, should the Congress not do something to stop Obama’s illegal executive amnesty action.

Now, it looks like Obama is getting a bit of cover from none other than the IRS. That wonderful agency who recently re-hired a number of formerly fired employees, many of them being tax cheats themselves. Of course, ever since the IRS targeting scandal broke, Obama has done his part to protect them in whatever way he could, so I suppose it’s only natural they try and return the favor.

Rigged Systems Gives Tax Refunds to Illegals

Listen to the head of the IRS, John Koskinen, testifying before Congress recently:

Pretty amazing, right? After all the troubles the IRS has seen, he wasn’t even testifying about one of the many scandals…that is amazing in itself. But the fact that he is now confirming millions of illegal immigrants are going to be eligible for the generous Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), thanks to Obama and his rigging of the system.

Plus, these immigrants are also going to be able to get even more taxpayer money in their grubby little hands. They can claim retroactive refunds, for up to three years. And that is even if they haven’t paid taxes, or even filed during that time period. No wonder everyone wants to come and try out Obama’s open door policy on immigration.

So, all one has to do now is enter the country illegally, then find work and get paid (most likely via cash under the table). Then, you show up and get your deportation relief, and full documentation that includes a work permit and Social Security number…possibly even a driver’s license. Woo hoo…you are now eligible for large current, future, and back tax credits. Then, they will have everything need to go out and vote as well!

Obama Weakening US From Within

Understand that the EITC is something where if it lowers your tax liability to less than zero, you actually have the difference refunded to you. This is something that all taxpayers—actual taxpayers that is—will share the burden of paying for.

I submit that this is not just a little oversight in the executive amnesty program. This is all part of the plan. After all, the Attorney General nominee has recently asserted non-citizens do have the “right” to work in the US. Remember that a right is something which will obligate others to pay for. And we have no exact total this little tax benefit is going to cost us, but it will likely be in the tens of billions of dollars, not to mention how much more it could add up to going forward.

We have pointed out in the past this is all part of Obama’s plan to weaken America. He is doing what the Soviets couldn’t during the Cold War—he is destroying and weakening the United States from the inside. Just take a look at everything Obama is doing now and everything he has done in the past. Then ask yourself, what of all his actions and agenda has actually made this country better or stronger?

What do YOU think about all this? Should we be spending taxpayer money to help lift illegal immigrants out of poverty? At a time when our country is already $18 trillion in debt?



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