More Than 30,000 Illegal Alien Criminals Released Into American Neighborhoods In 2014

by Veronica Coffin on December 7, 2014





The Obama Administration released more than 30,000 illegal aliens with criminal records into America’s cities in the last year, according to a new ICE report.

An Immigrations and Customs Enforcement report shows that in Fiscal Year 2014, which ended Oct. 31, the feds released 30,862 convicted foreign criminals and deported less than 1 percent of the 12 million living in the United States.

Of the 180,000 Central American illegal immigrants who have flooded across the U.S.-Mexico border since 2011, ICE has deported 8,805 – less than five percent.

Rather than being deported, 129,921 total illegal aliens – 30,862 who are criminals – were released into American cities and neighborhoods.

Total deportations are also dramatically down in the last three years from 409,000 in 2012 to just 315,000 in 2014.

Finally, of the 56,000 identified as “unaccompanied alien children,” only 1,901 were deported back to their home country.

“Immigration enforcement has been destroyed by this President,” Sen. Jeff Sessions said. Americans “must understand the situation can be remedied: if the public elects officeholders who will demand enforcement—at the worksite, the welfare office, and all ports of entry—the lawlessness can swiftly be ended,” he said.



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