New Reports Detail Huge Costs Associated With Educating Illegal Children

by Veronica Coffin on September 21, 2014



Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin


Anyone who has been following the stories related to our illegal immigration problems will remember the fact that a huge number of new illegals are now enrolled in public schools throughout the country. The state of Louisiana has reported that it is going to cost just one of their school districts almost $5 million extra this year to educate these children. These numbers were outlined by the State Superintendent of Education in response to a request from Senator David Vitter (Rep, LA).

Education Costs for Illegals

Jefferson Parish, the school district in question, has estimated their total cost associated with educating such children to be $4.6 million. They are only going to receive $2.2 million from the federal government. The formula is based on 533 students at $4,261 per student. And this is just one district. Other affected districts are set to report their costs next week.

This doesn’t even take into consideration those immigrant adults who have been registering for public schools. The funny thing is that the new Department of Justice policies prohibit school officials from asking questions in many cases, allowing adults to register and attend classes on your dime.

More Resources Needed

Not to mention the fact that such kids (and adults) will very often need extra resources. In order to address the language barrier, there will likely need to be several additional English as a Second Language teachers hired. More from the Washington Free Beacon:

“Louisiana is among the 10 states that have received the most unaccompanied alien children, according to data compiled by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The state will pay $25.8 million to educate 1,250 illegal alien children this school year.

Unaccompanied alien children have been relocated to every state in the nation, stressing local education budgets. Costs of accepting the young illegal immigrants range from $147.7 million in New York with the addition of 4,159 students, to $18,630 in Montana, which will enroll just one child. Senator Vitter attributed the sharp increase in illegal immigrant minors to the Obama administration policies, and in particular to the Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive action in 2012.”

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Communities are required by law to educate illegal immigrants in public schools. That means that this is your tax dollars going to work. It is working to help the very people who have broken the law and come to this country illegally. Thanks to the politics of our wonderful community organizer in chief, who has chosen to simply refuse to enforce a number of immigration policies because he just doesn’t care…and because he thinks this will give him leverage against the Republicans in Congress when it comes time to really push for his brand of immigration reform. This is also why Obama is waiting until after the midterms to take executive action on amnesty.

What do YOU think about this? Should taxpayers be forced to pay these huge costs to aid those who have broken the law? What would be a better solution for helping this situation?



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