The Immigration Nightmare

by Veronica Coffin on September 11, 2014




By: Brent Parrish

Years ago I dated a woman from Latvia who was here in the States on a student visa. From time to time, I would drive her downtown to the immigration office to tend to issues with her visa. On more than one occasion I witnessed the rather chilly reception she would receive by government employees at the immigration office. I was quite puzzled by this, since she was always polite and quite responsible about following all the legal requirements concerning her visa.

As a matter of fact, on one occasion I was so miffed at the scornful attitude one government worker at the immigration was showing toward my Latvian girlfriend I was about ready to go off on this particular individual. But she saw I was becoming enraged and persuaded me to keep my anger in check, which I did. But as we left I expressed my utter disgust to her about the inexplicable rudeness that was often in display toward her at the immigration office. I almost felt compelled to apologize to her that she would be treated so shabbily by representatives of my government. She just smiled and said, “Yes, I know,” followed by a long sigh.

Admittedly, she handled it all a lot better than I would have. I attribute her stoicism to the fact that she had dealt with plenty of rudeness and bureaucratic madness from her life in Latvia under Soviet rule. Let’s just say it wasn’t her first rodeo with with bad-mannered, uncivil bureaucrats.

But I think I have an explanation for her maltreatment at the immigration office: she was a white European. And, apparently, when it comes to immigration, white Europeans are not particularly welcome here in the States, as far as I’m concerned. Of course, I’ve also seen this sort of bias (or dare I say raaaaacism?) toward Asian immigrants as well.

When it comes to the whole issue of immigration, I’m also reminded of a friend of mine’s mother who is from Ukraine. It took her ten years to emigrate from Ukraine to the United States legally. This is not at all unusual for many people who legally emigrate to the States—meaning, it can take years to be granted citizenship or a visa via the proper legal channels.

Another incident I’m reminded of when it comes to legal immigration is the story of Sunny and Mark. A woman who was following me on Twitter, Ms.Jeffry Douglas, contacted me a couple of years ago concerning an egregious example of legal immigration gone all wrong. She wanted to know if I could help her spread the word about a nightmarish experience her son and his wife were being forced to endure. So, I wrote a brief article and assisted in any way I could to try and spread the word about her family’s nightmarish immigration experience. I can’t really do the story justice, so I’ll just post the letter that provides the details about their plight from the Sunny and Mark blog here:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing you regarding an extremely urgent matter. This crisis is not showing up on the news, but should, as it is affecting hundreds of wonderful South Korean immigrants and their friends and family.

Over 20 years ago, three corrupt men, a U.S. immigration supervisor (Leland Sustaire) and two immigration brokers, committed crimes that threaten to deport (or in some cases, already have deported) 275 innocent South Korean immigrants. These greedy brokers were found guilty of bribing Leland Sustaire, who accepted the bribes, and authorized the fraudulent green cards.

Kaesun Song Douglas (lovingly known as Sunny, now wrongly known as alien #A47054690 in Eloy Detention Center), is a brilliant, loving, and honest young woman who began her life in America as a 10 year old immigrant. Her family believed that everything was done legally, and even Daniel Lee, the corrupt broker, has stated that his clients did not know of the bribery and fraud. Regardless, it is 100% unjust that a girl filled with dreams, who arrived in this wonderful country at the age of 10 should be uprooted from the life she has worked so hard to build, over 20 years later!

Not only was Sunny an innocent child through the immigration process, but she is in love with and married to her sweetheart of over five years, who is an American man! I see NO possible explanation for her deportation. The last conversation I had with her before she was snatched from her home, she was discussing her plans for graduate school and how she was excited about the idea of having children and starting a family in the next couple years.

The men who committed the crimes have done their time (please see attached article from the LA Times which contains more information).They have stated that their immigrant clients are innocent. These professionals, families, students, and outstanding AMERICANS have spent 20 years building their lives in this country.

They came to this country for a better life. They came to this country to be here for all the reasons we love being Americans. They came to this country because we as a people believe in justice. Ripping an amazing young woman like Sunny away from her husband, education, friends and entire life is utterly and undeniably wrong. Please don’t let me, and everyone whose lives have been touched by Sunny and the many others in her position, lose faith in the justice for which this country stands.

Please, I know you are busy, but anything you can do to help will never be forgotten. Sunny has been torn from her friends and family, is being detained in Arizona, and faces deportation as soon as tomorrow.




– Sunny was deported to South Korea from her detention center.  My son Mark joined his wife in South Korea and they both are trying to gain her acceptance back into the United States.

-Sunny is also juggling her full-time job and taking her last two classes online through San Jose State University in order to earn her degree.

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Sadly, Ms. Jeffry Douglas has since passed, according to her Twitter timeline. And I have no idea how things worked out for Sunny and Mark.



Are you enraged yet? You should be. While Sunny, Mark and Ms. Jeffry Douglas, and the rest of their family and friends, anguished over Sunny and Mark’s plight, we have since seen the Obama Administration grant “unlawful presence waivers” to illegal immigrants—but only those from south of the border—while legal immigrants who do not come from south of the border are deported over something they had no control over.

We have been told by the administration Obamacare is the “law of the land,” while the president and his supporters flout the laws Congress has written regarding legal immigration, going so far as to look the other way concerning “sanctuary cities”—in flagrant disregard of federal immigration laws. One of the main responsibilities of the president of the United States is to enforce the laws Congress has written, regardless of whether Barack Obama approves of those laws or not. But our imperial president claims he has a “pen and phone,” and will simply write the laws which please him, and rewrite the laws he finds distasteful.

When the president of the United States decides to regularly circumvent Congress, what he is saying, in effect, is he will not honor or respect the will of the people. It is “we the people” who elect our leaders to represent us in Washington. When the president decides he will write and rewrite the law of the land via “executive privilege,” he might as well be flipping the bird to the entire nation. And, as far as I’m concerned, that is exactly what Barack Obama, et al., are doing.



Often times we hear from those who wholeheartedly support illegal immigration over the legal immigration process, that anyone who opposes illegal immigration are “xenophobes” and “racists.”


I, for one, completely support legal immigration. What I do not support is illegal immigration. How can those who claim that not supporting illegal immigration is somehow “unfair” and “mean-spirited” when so many who attempt to emigrate to the United States legally are met with a sea of bureaucratic red tape and treated like dirt, and forced to wait for years before being granted citizenship? How is that fair or just? At its core, it represents the epitome of unfairness and injustice. It is an insult to those who are willing to faithfully follow the law and do things the right way.


One of the things that has utterly infuriated me beyond words is the fact that we have not strictly enforced federal immigration laws or secured the borders post-9/11—quite the opposite. How can this be? It just utterly blows my mind, when I ponder the endless stream of people currently pouring across our southern border, that there has been some 60,000 people killed in the Mexican drug war between 2006-2012, according to Human Rights Watch. The type of violence Mexican drug cartels regularly subject their victims to is beyond description. There isn’t a horror movie made that can even begin to match the grisly brutality of the Mexican drug lords and their psychopathic henchmen. It is utterly beyond description.

Recently, there was a story of five women who were beheaded by the Mexican cartels—and this is by no means an isolated incident.

There is nothing “racist” or “heartless” about demanding our leaders enforce federal immigration laws; it is just plain good sense. And it is high time for those who hurl the racist label at those who want secure borders to be called out on it. Make them eat their own words.

One far-left leaning group that has long been at the forefront for pushing illegal immigration is “La Raza.” It is interesting to note La Raza means “The Race” in Spanish. What colossal hypocrisy! One of the very groups who constantly decries alleged racism are themselves steeped in intense racism—primarily aimed at American “gringos” and “pendejos” who oppose illegal immigration. It is worth noting, too, that La Raza enjoys a rather cozy relationship with the Obama Administration. (Yeah, I know … imagine that.)

One far-left leaning group that has long been at the forefront for pushing illegal immigration is “La Raza.” It is interesting to note La Raza means “The Race” in Spanish. What colossal hypocrisy! One of the very groups who constantly decries alleged racism are themselves steeped in intense racism—primarily aimed at American “gringos” and “pendejos” who oppose illegal immigration. It is worth noting, too, that La Raza enjoys a rather cozy relationship with the Obama Administration. (Yeah, I know … imagine that.)


No, let’s just lay this out on the table. What Barack Obama, the radical left and the cadre of Trotskyite neocons within the GOP are trying to accomplish by their push for “comprehensive immigration reform” is to completely alter the political landscape by shipping in new Democrat voters. It has nothing to do with compassion for the plight of immigrants coming from south of the border; but it has everything to do with holding on to the reins of power, and expanding federal power. Period.

I’ll make a prediction why the administration has encouraged, fomented and fostered the current immigration “crisis” by allowing scores of children from Central America and Mexico to flood across the southern border. Obama is laying the groundwork to bring in all of the families of these illegal immigrant children as well. They will claim these poor children are without their families and we must allow another massive wave of illegal immigration in order to do the “compassionate” thing. It will be a classic and cynical appeal to emotion, in my opinion. The administration has already dispersed these children all over the U.S.A., and steadfastly refuses to divulge just how many alien children are already here in the United States.



Even the left-leaning Chuck Todd of MSNBC in a recent exclusive interview with the president appeared to not be buying Obama’s recent announcement to delay his unilateral decision on immigration until after the elections. In classic Hegelian style, Obama blames his immigration delay on the current border “crisis”—the very crisis he himself created for this very purpose.

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