“Unaccompanied Alien Children” Carjack 91-Year-Old Vet

by Veronica Coffin on October 12, 2014



“Unaccompanied Alien Children” Carjack 91-Year-Old Vet – Still Won’t Be Deported

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You know those “unaccompanied alien children” from Central America streaming across our border that the Administration said were just helpless kids who need our help?

Yeah … two of those kids left their detention facility and carjacked a 91-year-old Navy veteran at a local Wal-Mart.

The Daily Mail (U.K.) is reporting the 16- and 17- year old boys were able to “walk away unchallenged” from the Maryvale Academy in Des Plaines, Illinois, carjacked the veterans Buick LeSabre in the parking lot of  a Wal-Mart and got 225 miles to Iowa before being arrested. Police said they were headed to California where one of the teenagers has family.

Illinois has welcomed these illegal alien children with open arms with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel encouraging thousands to his city.

A Health and Human Services spokesperson said they are “reviewing” their security procedures.

During the carjacking, the teen threatened the victim with violence, Des Plaines police Commander Randy Akin told MailOnline.

They drove 165 miles southwest to Moline, Illinois, where they targeted the 91-year-old man at a Walmart about noon.

‘They obviously chose him to take his vehicle. He walked with a cane. They watched him go in and get his medication from the VA,’ Moline police Detective Scott Williams said.

The teens threatened the man and made him give them his keys.

‘He was pretty rattled. He’s 91. But they didn’t psychically assault him,’ Det Williams said.

The teens then sped off and hit a parked car on their way out of the parking lot.

They headed west on Interstate 80 into Iowa. They made it 80 miles, past Iowa City, when they were finally caught.

Iowa State Patrol Lieutenant Randy Jones told MailOnline he had received reports of both carjackings and figured the teens were likely to head straight west on I-80, so he waited and watched passing cars.

When he spotted the teens in the LeSabre, he called for a roadblock to be set up ahead of them.

Troopers used spike strips to shred the teens’ tires and then pulled over – they surrendered without incident.

The teens did not speak, and only indicated that they spoke little English, Lt Jones said.

And what about the carjacking teenagers? They won’t be deported. They’re heading back to Illinois to face charges for the carjacking.



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