VIDEO: Are We Crazy? DHS Memo to Border Patrol—Let Drunk Illegals GO!

by Veronica Coffin on February 21, 2015




From the YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS file….

Most days you just have to pinch yourself to know that this is real life. Today is certainly no exception as we hear that the Obama Administration has issued a memo to our Border Patrol agents in Arizona — let the drunk driving illegals go!

Yes, that’s right. The agents have been given three options in the memo. 1) Detain them with local law enforcement (seems reasonable and the right thing to do, right?) 2) Detain them for themselves (also logical, given that they are border patrol and the offender is an illegal immigrant) OR 3) Set them free.

What’s absolutely amazing is that the agents are encouraged to select door number 3.  Welcome to Twilight Zone Year Seven ladies and gentlemen. Don’t expect it to get better until the miscreants are rounded up themselves and arrested for TREASON, SEDITION AND DOWNRIGHT LAWLESSNESS.



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